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About Sickle Cell Disease


  • Sickle Cell Disease is also known as SCD or Sickle Cell Anemia

  • It is known as one of the most commom illnesses that can be genetically inherited

  • If two parents have the recessive gene for Sickle Cell there is a 50 percent chance they will attain Sickle Cell Anemia.






















  • Red blood cells last up to about 120 days whereas Sickle Cells last for only 10 to 20 days.

  • Red blood cells are normally; round, flexible and smooth.

  • Sickle Cells tend to be; elongated, stiff, easily breakable, pointy and sticky.

  • Those characteristics cause blockades of blood flow in blood vessels.



















Is there a cure for Sickle Cell Disease?



  • It is known that Sickle Cell Disease does have a cure through Stem Cell Transplants also known as Bone Marrow Transplants. However, it is not given to everyone due to it being very risky.

  • There is no universal cure at the moment.

  • Many Sickle Cell patients are treated with various types of medications that try to relieve pain and prevent any other further complications.


Due to the lack of Sickle Cell awareness it is not talked about often. However, that is where we can make a difference. It starts with one person to get the ball rolling, now all we need is for you to help support us as well.


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