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Do you want an answer?

I want to start off first by asking you something; does this make any sense to you yet? Now you may be asking, does what make any sense to me yet?

It has been two weeks since Julie was taken from all of us. Two weeks. That may seem like a long time but I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember getting off the elevator that night and getting the news. Waiting to arrive at the floor felt like a weight that was hanging from a thread on my heart because once I heard the words, “we lost her” from my dad it dropped. It dropped as soon as those words were processed in my head and tears came flying out of my eyes. Yup, just like that. Then ever since that moment it’s felt as if a huge hole has been inside me.

That night after being stuck in nearly three hours of traffic to get to the hospital to hear that news changed my life. These past two weeks have been a downhill rollercoaster. Yes I have times when I’m surrounded by friends who make me happy and smile or laugh but when I’m alone or at my desk my mind wonders and it always thinks about Julie. Every time I feel the tears rushing through my eyes I stop and smile at her picture. I know she’s watching over me, she’s watching over all of us.

The whole point of this blog is to be short and simple. But the main point of it is to bring you peace if you don’t feel as if you have it already. We may never understand why Julie isn’t with us anymore. If that answer doesn’t come to us now or later on it’s okay. It’s okay to have that question unanswered because we know that she’s in a better place. I know you may hear that way too often but it is true and we know that because she’s no longer suffering. She can live her life watching over us without having to deal with all the pain she went through.

Even though Julie is not with us here physically she will ALWAYS be in our hearts and by our sides no matter what. She’s closer to us now then ever before and just like when she was with us back then she will always be there for us now.

Our beautiful angel will always be with us. 12/22/15


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