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Our Mission


As a member of our community there are little steps that need to be accomplished in order to achieve higher goals. You must take one step first in order to start a journey.


Julie's Journey is a start that will help create SCD awareness and hopefully change the lives of anyone who is suffering from Sickle Cell.

Step 1. Awareness


The first step is to spread awareness around Stamford, CT. This will allow us to start the process of awareness around the community.

Step 2. Funding


Although we are a registered LLC, we are a NONPROFIT organization. No profit made will go in pocket. We are hoping to host an event large enough to bring in funds and be able to donate those funds to an organization that is researching for a cure.

Step 3. Sharing


As a whole our mission is to try to get the Sickle Cell community together to try to gain awareness and help find a cure. With everyone's help we can hopefully help "Break the Sickle Cell cycle."

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